We have some questions asked frequently and here are responses from members of the team …

Our founding director Richard’s succint and sincere response:

This is our number one FAQ and not easy to answer because lenders treat income and expenditure items in different ways. This can lead to huge differences in maximum amounts. Online calculators are notoriously unreliable so if you would like a meaningful and realistic amount please get in touch on 01483 266666 and we can give you a good indication within minutes.

Paul Denyer with 14 years industry experience and a love for all things mortgage says:

When we look at different rates we also have to factor in product type and lender fees. There is little point in providing a low low rate when the lender fees make the deal uncompetitive. There is also little point in provided a low rate and a low fees if the lender cannot deliver the mortgage offer within your expected timescales (which could mean the difference of buying the property or not). We are able to give our clients information on rates, fees, suitable product types, suitable method to repay, lender service levels and other factors that will lead us to a cost effective and most suitable recommendation.

You can speak with Paul CLICK HERE or one of his colleagues for personal professional and prompt attention.

Stuart likes this question and says:

We generally advise clients that buying a property takes 2-4 months depending on a number of factors and our client’s requirements. New build purchase will often take much longer and we have arranged mortgages that have completed in 7 days! With so many factors to consider especially where there are chains of properties involved it is often incredibly difficult to estimate. Please get in touch for more information and let us help you plan your next move.

Mike Black tells us:

This depends on the type of work involved and time we estimate it will take us. The great news is that an initial consultation is at our expense and prior to charging anything, we will let you know what we can do and how much it will cost before you have to commit. Our aim is to offer great value and to provide outstanding service for our clients.

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Emma sums this up beautifully:

We are rather bashful with this type of question and so we would rather let our existing clients do the talking, this is from Julia J in October 2018:

“I contacted Oakwood because I was so confused after shopping online for a mortgage. Richard calmed my doubts and explained everything easily the whole step of the way. We had a very short time to buy our house and everyone said we couldn’t do it in that timeframe. However we conveyed before our deadline thanks in part to Oakwood’s diligence and follow up to process the mortgage promptly. Thank you Richard”

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