Financial Advice in Guildford

Mike Black has been in financial services in a wide range of roles, both advisory and supervisory, since 1992. He has worked and lived in the area all of that time and now specialises in pension and investment advice in Guildford, whilst being able to employ an holistic approach for clients because of colleagues’ expertise in mortgage advice in Guildford.

He understands, having started his working life as a teacher, the importance of communicating with clients in straightforward language, which is easily understandable. Having worked for and now with, Openwork, the largest network of financial advisers in the UK, since 2005, he brings a wealth of experience to his long-term relationships with our clients.

We all, of course, also benefit from the Openwork guarantee of quality financial advice and the support that a nationwide organisation can provide to a small firm offering a very personal service to all our clients.

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