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We often have medical professionals contact us because their bankers or current lender do not take a flexible enough view with overtime, allowances, locum, bank payments and other income that is common in NHS and/or private practice.

Are you looking for a flexible mortgage solution that is competitively priced?

It is not uncommon to have various income streams which may include an elements of employment,  contract work and self employment, director salary and dividends and yet many lenders will take less than a common sense approach when making a lending assessment.

Does this sound familiar?

Junior doctors in foundation training with short term contracts can present a problem for lenders who will often take a short term view. We have solutions for this problem.

Do you have bank income that we can demonstrate a track record  of regular payments? There are lenders that will use 100% of this income and still offer highly competitive rates and terms.

Are you a medical professional set up as a director and despite your practice being profitable you choose not to take all the available income from the business? Great for your tax position but less so when it comes to getting a great mortgage deal.  Most lenders are not sympathetic to this situation.

Your bank or building society will only take your salary and dividends when making a lending decision leaving you short of your mortgage requirement? We can help.

Welcome to Oakwood where we have considerable experience with many clients in the medical industry. We can provide you with the right advice and help you secure the right mortgage at the right price to suit your specific set of circumstances.


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