A summer of sports

With a number of major sporting events happening this summer you might feel inspired to dig out your sportswear and get involved. Just make sure you’re prepared for the inevitable knocks, bumps and breaks that might leave you having to take time off work.

Watching world-famous athletes and sporting legends competing at the top of their game may inspire you to get involved, even if it’s just at grass-roots level at your local leisure centre or sports ground.

Grass-roots sports play a crucial role in keeping us, our children and our communities healthy and active and anyone can – and should – take part. But even with the best instructors, facilities and equipment, accidents and injuries can happen. And if they’re serious enough they could lead to time off work.

Help to protect against injuries
We all try our best to avoid accidents and stay injury free, but when you’re playing sport you run the risk of a sprain, twist or broken bone, all of which can take time to heal. If you are thinking of pulling on your running shoes or joining the local five-a-side, there are a number of things you can do to limit the risk of injury:

  • Warm up properly before exercise and cool down afterwards
  • Know your limits – don’t go beyond your current fitness level
  • Use the right equipment
  • Learn the correct techniques

As well as the physical training and preparation, you can also make financial preparations, by taking out accident protection cover.

This type of cover can either be standalone or as an add-on to other protection insurances and pays out if you suffer a specified accident or injury and require hospital treatment. It’s a sports safety net that can help you and your family to stay financially stable while you’re off work.

Before you decide to get involved in a sporting event, be it a local park run or Sunday League football team, get in touch with us to discuss accident protection.

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