Changing rooms

When it comes to selling your house first impressions count and that starts with kerbside appeal.

Start with free
Before spending any money, have a look around your property to see what improvements you can make that won’t cost a penny.

If you have a garden, plants or hedges, make sure they’re mown/clipped and any dead leaves cleared away. Clean your windows, including sills and your exterior doors. If you can, jet wash your patio, decking and path areas and clean up any external garden furniture.

Spend a little to make a big difference
Check any external wooden doors and treat them to a lick of paint if there are signs of wear and tear. Use the same paint colour on your garden gate or fencing, so that you can show some thought has gone into the outside space. Hanging baskets or attractive plant pots can also make a difference to the entrance of a home and don’t have to cost much.

Continue the feel-good factor inside
Now you’ve got your potential buyer safely through the front door you’ll want to make sure they are as impressed with the inside as they were with the outside and this starts with good old-fashioned cleaning. If you have spare cash you could get a cleaning firm in or you might prefer to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in.

Work systematically, room by room, checking that curtains hang straight, any blinds are clean and nets washed as you go. It’s also a perfect opportunity to declutter, so box up any items you can do without until you move into your new home.

Vacuum every inch of the floor, moving furniture so you can get to dust-collecting areas. Make sure your kitchen and bathroom are sparkling and uncluttered (you know buyers will be nosing in cupboards) and dress the latter with a new bath mat and towels.

If you have any money to spend you could buy loose covers and throws to hide a sofa that’s seen better days, and upgrade your soft furnishings (you’ll take these with you when you move). Internal doors may need varnishing or painting and you might want to replace old fashioned light switches or at least give them a good clean.

Before your prospective buyer is due to arrive, make sure you’ve opened curtains and blinds as far as possible to let the natural light in. Turn on lamps if needed to create nice, soft lighting. Open the windows to get fresh air in and put the heating on if it feels cold. Make it as easy as possible for visitors to easily imagine themselves living in your house.

A great first, and lasting, impression doesn’t have to cost much. With a bit of time, effort and elbow grease, you can smarten up your home’s outside appearance so that potential buyers are keen to step beyond the front door.

Whatever your reason for selling up, please get in touch and we can help you with your mortgage and protection needs.

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