Financial Advice in Horsham

Jake Ward has recently began his career in the financial services with the support of the experienced team at Oakwood. He offers meaningful and cost effective financial advice in Horsham to his clients. Jake successfully completed his academy year passing the required qualifications and completing the extensive study whilst under the supervision of the directors.

Following an extensive background in retail management, Jake opted to change career and work with clients in his hometown offering mortgage advice in Horsham.

“I remember the process of being a first-time buyer myself, and how complicated and jargon filled the language of the mortgage world seemed. If it wasn’t for my adviser at the time, I wouldn’t have known where to begin. I held that memory and – in some ways – it proved the driving force behind my decision to pursue this career. I had such a positive experience that I wanted to share the leadership skills I’d gained as a manager and a coach in a different way… I saw an opportunity to help people who need the assistance of a local Horsham mortgage adviser.”

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